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How to Catapult Your Career by Becoming An eXtraordinary Leader

Do you know what bothers me? It’s when I see “leaders” who read a couple of books on leadership/coaching start calling themselves leadership coaches. In fact, poor coaching has hurt big name leaders who derailed after taking the advice of these “book learned coaches.” Often, it was because these coaches didn’t use a proven, evidenced-based method to accurately diagnosis the REAL issue. THE EXPANSIVE LEADERSHIP MODEL TM is a method I’ve developed and tested over the last decade. The model, plus a little coaching from me, will help you avoid the top 10 causes of leadership failure (identified by an analysis of 400 leaders by the Center for Creative Leadership).

The top 10 causes of leadership failure:

  • Low emotional intelligence, thereby leading to interpersonal problems
  • Poor conflict management skills during stressful times
  • Inattention to detail and follow-through
  • Dictating to others instead of delegating
  • Failure to communicate with trust and empathy
  • Undeveloped problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Silo thinking and turf wars
  • Being strong to a fault in one style of leadership
  • Ineffective time or project management skills

If you are thinking about hiring a coach to help you with any of these challenges, or other difficulties, you’re not alone. In fact, one survey found that 79% of organizations use coaches. Another study in the Harvard Business Review reported that in addition to helping avoid derailing factors, the other THREE reasons leaders hire coaches are:

  • Develop high potential managers
  • Facilitate transitions to new positions
  • Act as a sounding board

Which of these reasons (or challenges) can you relate to?

What’s the ROI on Leadership Coaching?

A study by Philips reported a ROI of 2.21 times the initial cost of the coaching. Another survey of 100 executives (employed in Fortune 500 companies) by Right Management Consultants found that executive coaching delivered a 5.7 ROI!

Executives said the biggest tangible business results their coaching yielded were: improved productivity (53
percent), better quality work product (48 percent) and greater organizational strength (48 percent). From an intangible business standpoint, executives reported better relationships with their direct reports (77 percent); better relationships with their supervisors (71 percent); improved teamwork (67 percent); better relationships with peers (63 percent); and greater job satisfaction (61 percent).

“Asked for a conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from the coaching they got, these managers described an average return of more than $100,000, or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies.”

“Career management coaches…can identify missing skills or style difficulties and other pragmatic tips…”

“Executive coaches are not for the meek. They’re for people who value unambiguous feedback. All coaches have one thing in common; it’s that they are ruthlessly results-oriented.”

Achieve Difficult Leadership Goals

I’d like to help you avoid the derailers and discover the most advanced leadership tips, genius techniques (your boss and direct reports will think you’re the genius), and strategies used by top leaders around the world. I want you to find out how you can be one of those top leaders and realize an ROI between 221 – 571%.

This website will help you get all the leadership tools and show you the best techniques for:

  • Getting promoted fast
  • Getting more done with less
  • Gaining buy-in to change
  • Motivating your team to overcome obstacles
  • Improving your decision-making and problem-solving
  • Knocking down silos and increasing cross-functional collaboration
  • Communicating with trust and empathy
  • Earning a “Black Belt in People”
  • Hiring the best person for the job every time
  • Inspiring creativity and openness to change
  • Cultivating a culture of innovation
  • Achieving difficult goals in tough times

THE Most Important Question in Coaching

My story

My first job, after surviving graduate school, was as a lead researcher at University of California – San Diego. I worked for Dr. Victor Froelicher, a world-renown scientist. I spent five years coordinating, presenting, and publishing (and loving) academic research. I didn’t know it back then, but Dr. Froelicher was teaching me that science could answer THE most important questions in leadership coaching, which is: How do we know what really gets results when coaching leaders?

Let me explain.

Most leadership coaches offer their opinion on what improves leadership effectiveness based on their experience (IF they even have experience as an executive). But how do they know that their experience will translate into your success? In San Diego, I learned that everybody has opinions, but only a few have the research to back up what they teach. Prove it to yourself by asking the next leadership coach you talk to this question: “Would you please show me the data that predicts what you teach will actually produce the results I want?”

You see, I learned that science is really all about prediction. From a leadership perspective, my years of research taught me to base my leadership coaching on published, scientific studies that predict you get the results you want. That’s why my coaching combines my practical experience as a leader with evidence-based tools.

An executive named Monica discovered this not long ago:

The Conversation

When Monica asked me to help her improve the leadership skills of her middle managers, she also told me of her plan to ask these managers to coach each other during breakout sessions at her upcoming management meeting. Our conversation went like this…

Me: “What specific strategies will your leaders coach each other on?”

Monica: “I’m not sure yet. But I think there are many different approaches to improving leadership. I want them to share their own techniques and coach each other.”

Me: “Will your leaders have time to try many different approaches when they get back to work?”

Monica: “Probably not − everybody is complaining about having too much to do.”

Me: “Well, instead of sharing lots of different leadership competencies that might not work, why don’t we focus on the fundamental few tools that actually have a good chance of working?”

Monica: “What do you mean?”

Me: “If your people don’t have time to test lots of different techniques when they get back to work (few leaders do), I suggest that we assess their skills using an evidence-based 360 instrument, then coach them on the competencies that best predict each person’s leadership success. That way they get the biggest bang for their buck.”

Monica: “And you know how to do this?”

Me: “Yes. I approach coaching leaders like a doctor.”

Monica: “How’s that Dave?”

Me: “When you’re sick, a good doctor first diagnoses what’s wrong and then prescribes a treatment based on the latest research, right?”

Monica: “Of course! I think I’m starting to understand, Dave.”

Me: “That’s great. All I’m really saying is that we should employ the same evidence-based method to coach your leaders as your doctor uses to improve your health.”

Monica: “Sold!”

Now that Monica sees the leadership results months after coaching, she believes in the eXpansive Leadership Method (XLM) 360 assessment tool and the research approach to coaching leaders. If you and I have the chance to work together, you’ll experience the benefits of this approach also. Back to the story of how I gained the practical experience and tools needed to coach executives.

In the mid 80’s, our research funding at UCSD started to decrease. So, I accept a “sales specialist” job offer from Siemens Medical System (Siemens is a $100 billion company based in Germany with 69,000 employees in the US). This unique position allowed me to see the good, the bad, and the ugly side of leadership from the inside of a huge organization. I learned a tremendous amount about what leaders should and should not do from the trenches. I also immersed myself in leadership learning. Then, one of my customers made me an offer that showed me leadership from the executive suite and led me to my leadership coaching business.

Professor Michael Phelps, from University of California – Los Angeles, told me he was building an Institute dedicated to Molecular Imaging (a new method to non-invasively evaluate disease and therapy.) He said he wanted me to be the Chief Administrative Officer of this new organization because of my strong research background and my experience at Siemens. I took the job and spent years honing my leadership skills at UCLA.

Let me tell you something, I screwed some of this leadership stuff up when I first started at UCLA. So when I coach leaders who stumble on their journey from “good to great,” I know where they’re coming from. I’ve been there and done that!

I kept growing and learning as a leader. I burned the midnight oil taking executive education classes in the UCLA Business School and even had lunch with the father of management, Peter Drucker to discuss strategy.


Many people doing executive coaching have little or no executive experience.

This can lead to guidance and suggestions that are counterproductive and can actually cause damage to the leader and organization.

The idea for starting my own coaching was born when executives started asking me to speak at their meetings and coach their leaders. They said things like…

Your ability to integrate the latest scientific literature with your management experience is extraordinary. Your “prescription” works because you deliver well-researched information in a highly engaging manor.

Michael Sullivan, MD, Director
San Diego Hospital Based Physician’s Group
Teacher of the Year at Mercy Hospital

As I put these programs together, I continued to study what science said really worked to boost leadership effectiveness. I also published research in the journal Psychological Reports on goal ACHIEVING with the master of motivation and goals, Zig Ziglar. (By the way, you already know how to SET goals, but Zig and I discovered the four keys every leader needs in order to GET goals!)

Hear what Zig says about our work together:

Leadership Coaching Tips

OK, so what are the keys to leadership success? Here is what I have learned on my three-decade journey from sweeping factory floors in Connecticut to coaching leaders throughout the world.

To achieve eXtraordinary results during tough times you must:

  • Create an inspiring future with big picture, strategic, and innovative thinking.
  • Manage daily operations and focus on execution, efficiency, and planning.
  • Cultivate a culture of caring, engagement, trust, teamwork, and integrity.
  • Take charge by confronting difficult issues, conflicts, and tackling risk.
  • Master the Visionary, Rational, Empowering, & Commanding leadership styles.
  • Manage the tension among these four leadership styles throughout the day.
  • Use leadership agility to respond rapidly to changing conditions.
  • Apply the four keys to managing emotions under pressure.
  • Engage team members in order to boost motivation, morale, and productivity.
  • Hone in on the few key competencies needed to catapult your career.
  • Communicate how the big picture and key initiatives connect to daily activities.
  • Knock down silos and improve strategic cross-functional collaboration.
  • Practice the seven values that lead to individual and organizational success.
  • Develop the essential skills required to thrive in a global economy.

The tips, strategies and secrets mentioned in the above list are the most effective and modern techniques available anywhere to put on the fast track to leadership success.

There are literally hundreds of different ways to grow your leadership skills. You will learn which ones are the easiest, fastest and most effective and which are a waste of time. I will show you, step-by-step, how to achieve eXtraordinary results. No nonsense, no complex theory . . . just plenty of proven techniques that are easy to implement and work in the real world.

I’ll show you techniques that make it possible for you to start growing your leadership skills in the first week of coaching. I’ll cut through the fog and show you what it really takes to consistently get results based on your strengths, knowledge and experience.

Here is What Other People Say

“Just a quick note to let you know that a week after your leadership coaching, I applied your XLM to save my company an important customer. Following and resulted in $147,000 in savings. I would be more than happy to be a referral for you with anyone considering your outstanding leadership coaching.”

Jim Montgomery, President
Diagnostic Specialties

Dave, although we have been on Fortune Magazine’s “Best Place to Work” for the last 10 years, I’m pleased to say that our leaders told me that they are using your ideas to create an even greater place to work and produce bottom-line business results.

Nancy Deane, Senior Vice President,
Leadership Institute
Synovus Financial Service

“I am already seeing results from your great leadership coaching. I recently “dynamically juggled” all four leadership styles during a meeting with our silo-oriented engineering department. I’m amazed that we now have a unified and coordinated approach for solving a complex telecommunications challenge.”

Randy Rudolph, Director of Information Technology
San Mateo Transportation

Dear Dave,
I really enjoyed our discussion about my leadership styles. I am very strong in the empowering/visionary styles and need to work on my commanding/rational side. As a therapist, I am challenged everyday to stretch and alternate between all four; I feel that now I am more aware of this and make a conscious effort to work on my areas of weakness.
Thank you,
Karyn Leipold, MSW
IICAPS Clinician

“If you want to increase your chances of reaching your goals this year, I strongly urge you to give my friend and colleague, Dave Jensen, a call. Dave and I have done research together, and it’s in my book, Over the Top. So when you bring in Dave Jensen, you’re hiring someone who combines common sense with the latest scientific research with sound moral principles. When you invite Dave Jensen to come in, and I’ll see you Over the Top!”

Zig Ziglar

Get the Experts Advice

What do you think is the fastest way to turbo-charge your career? I have learned over many agonizing years of expensive trial and error that the fastest and easiest way is to . . . model someone who is already successful.

Unless you have a tremendous amount of money to spend in order to hire the most successful leaders in the world (according to the Harvard Business Review, they charge $3,500 PER HOUR!) … you won’t have access to the secrets that could skyrocket your career into success.

The thing is . . . you don’t have to waste your money or your time. We’ve discovered and tested dozens of leadership tools (based on decades of experience and research) that will help you increase your results exponentially!

Stop risking all your time, effort and money! Let me show you the proven and time-tested ways to get leadership results.

Why not invest in your ability to take control of your career, improve your lifestyle, and make a more money simply because you chose to enroll in my Platinum Leadership Coaching Program.

Join the Platinum Leadership Coaching Program and Get…

  • An initial get to know you one-on-one call to evaluate where you are and discuss your leadership goals.
  • A comprehensive assessment of your 4 fundamental leadership styles, 16 core competencies, and 8 critical leadership skills using the eXpansive Leadership Model (XLM) – a highly-researched, easy-to-use 360 leadership instrument.
  • A series of one-on-one conversations that I have with those whom you select in your organization to be “partners” with us in your growth.
  • A five step,  customized plan to develop your leadership effectiveness based on your assessment. We will focus on the few areas that will provide you with the biggest return for your effort. I’ll help you lead with your strengths and manage your weakness.
  • One-on-one weekly calls with me for six months. I will be your sounding board and coach.
  • Unlimited on call access. You read that right. If you need immediate help, you can call me on my private cell phone number. I’m on retainer for you (just like a lawyer!)
  • 25% Discount on products, seminars and services.
  • Laser-like homework that is highly personalized to give you the concrete leadership tools you need to make an immediate and powerful impact.
  • My onsite consulting fee of $4,900.00 per day discounted to $2,900 if you want me to visit you at your organization.
  • Access to my library of over 100 articles on “What really increases leadership effectiveness.”

What’s your investment?

In traditional leadership training program, organizations pay $15,000.00 – $25,000.00 for a leadership expert to come in and teach for a few days. Then, you never hear from them again.

But guess what happened to me when I taught? Although I didn’t have a formal coaching program until recently, a few leaders wanted to stay in touch after my leadership training. So, I informally coached them… AND they achieved eXtraordinary results – Two were promoted to president of multi-billion dollar organizations with six months of my coaching.

That’s why I developed the Platinum Leadership Coaching Program. Instead of paying $25,000.00 for a couple of days of training, the investment is only $12,000 for six months. (That’s only $65/day – the per diem rate in many organizations). In addition to the highly customized and structured coaching program described above, you also get me on retainer as your personal coach for half a year. Try getting a lawyer to take your calls at $65/day!

Don’t forget, research predicts that your ROI will probably be between 221% ($26,520.00) and 571% ($68,520.00).

The price of this program is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the career you might NOT have without this professional level leadership coaching know-how.

Of course, a program like this is not for everyone.  I’m not interested in wasting my time with tire kickers! If you think you can figure all this leadership stuff out on your own, without making too many very costly mistakes, then you don’t need me.

I want to help leaders who are serious about developing their leadership effectiveness. I invented this program so that I could make sure I got dedicated people who would do what I tell them. This way I can afford the enormous amount of time necessary to help them learn what took me over three decades to master on my own.

There are three easy ways to order:

The fastest way to order is online.

  1. If you want us to finance your coaching program and give you your special discount price, you put $6,000.00 down by the deadline above and we finance the rest for you with 6 easy payments of $1,000. Click here for our finance option
  2. Cash discount. – Pay all at once by the above deadline and we’ll give you the rock bottom price of only $10,700.00. Click here to take advantage of our cash discount
  3. We invoice your company. – Set up a Purchase Order with your organization. We’ll still give you the rock bottom price of only $10,700.00.Call toll-free in the continental USA 310-397-6686 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Don’t put off sending your order if you’re at all interested. This information could be invaluable to your business and could be worth many tens of thousands of dollars in future income for you and your family. Call or order online today.


Dave Jensen, President
Platinum Coaching System

For questions call or email:

P.S. Guess what? This course is most likely tax deductible as a business expense because it is education.