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Leading Change That Works

How to Lead Change by Managing Stability

To help you manage one of the most difficult issues leaders face, regardless of their level of the organization: Gaining buy-in to small and large change initiatives.

What You Learn
How to successfully implement any change initiative. You will discover how to:

  • Lead change by building a platform of stability.
  • Apply the twelve practical tools that provide security in times of change.
  • Adapt your leadership style based on where you are on the growth curve.
  • Use the six crucial steps of mapping any change.
  • Take four actions that guarantees that your change endures over the long haul.
  • Manage the paradoxical tension between change and stability.

Your ability to integrate the latest scientific literature with your practical healthcare experience is extraordinary. Your “prescription” works because you deliver well-researched information in a highly engaging manor. Thank you.

– Michael Sullivan, MD, Director
San Diego Hospital Based
Physician’s Group
Teacher of the Year at Mercy Hospital

Dave Jensen masterfully combines cutting edge leadership tools with timeless wit and wisdom Thank you for getting me to change how we approach change.

– Jim Montgomery, President
Sound Diagnostics Inc.

Time Frames

Keynote: 45-90 minutes
Workshop: up to 2 – 7 hours

I have told many that Dave is one of the top three presenters I have heard… and being in the business for 20
years working for TI, Acer, Digital, & HP… I think that is saying a lot!
-Stu Carson, Manager
Pacer Computer Systems

Presentation Method

PowerPoint presentation, videos, scientific research, case studies, music, and engaging stories are carefully interwoven with audience participation and humor. The amount of group involvement increases with longer programs.

Thank you for a very insightful time. We learned a lot about working as a team and have been instituting many of the ideas into our KTA Super Stores Marketing Department.

-Chris Directo
KTA Super Stores, Hilo Marketing Department

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