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Demolishing Internal Silos and Turf Wars

How Leaders Increase Cross-Functional Collaboration

To assist leaders in achieving strategic organizational goals by decreasing the silo thinking and turf wars, and increasing cooperation among business units.

What You Learn
Improve collaboration among your departments and divisions by hearing how to:

  • Avoid six dangerous mental traps when building cross-functional teams.
  • Recognize the four mental blinders that hinder internal cooperation.
  • Identify and remove the root cause of mental blinders.
  • Maintain independence as you increase strategic interdependence.
  • Apply the 7-step Systems Thinking Action Teams (S.T.A.T.)™ to achieve leveraged action.

Dave is really a terrific facilitator. His energy, preparation, and intellectual depth are impressive. Paradoxical thinking is challenging, mentally intriguing, and of high value.

– Cindy Stokes, Group Executive Officer
Synovus Bank

Time Frames
Keynote: 45-90 minutes
Seminar: up to 2 hours
Workshop: up to 4 – 7 hours

Presentation Method
PowerPoint presentation, videos, scientific research, case studies, music, and engaging stories are carefully interwoven with audience participation and humor. The amount of group involvement increases with longer programs.

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