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How Leaders Solve Unsolvable Problems

My boss at UCLA, Mike, and I marched through the labyrinth of UCLA’s hallways reviewing the meeting we had just completed with the Dean. The Dean and his CFO had accepted our new budget and our bold strategic plan. We stopped outside Mike’s office and I commented that it was a great sign that . . . → Read More: How Leaders Solve Unsolvable Problems

82 CEOs Reveal Their Top 3 Leadership Tips

“Effective leaders don’t allow daily fluctuations of their ego to block their openness to the feedback needed to grow.”


Ron was a vice president of an IT company who invited me to dinner during our four-day leadership retreat. As we munched on our salads, Ron confided that he wanted my feedback to help . . . → Read More: 82 CEOs Reveal Their Top 3 Leadership Tips

The 3 SUPER Best Practices

Effective and efficient leaders often focus on the fewest actions that deliver the greatest impact.

At a recent professional meeting, a leader asked how she could affect her organization’s dysfunctional culture when she was “only a middle manager.”

“Let me ask you this,” I replied, “is the quality of your home life most affected . . . → Read More: The 3 SUPER Best Practices

Leaders Pursue Happiness, Not Pleasure

Last week a leader commented on how surprised he was that so many of his recently retired colleagues were traveling so much. “Maybe they are confusing pleasure for happiness,” I replied.

“What is the difference between pleasure and happiness?”

I responded by sharing my belief that while pleasure is a feeling of enjoyment, happiness . . . → Read More: Leaders Pursue Happiness, Not Pleasure

Do You Have Emotions, OR...

Years ago, I was helping a UCLA colleague set up for a very important presentation. As he welcomed guests into the meeting room, my initial excitement turned into frustration because I couldn’t get the two slide projectors focused correctly on the two screens in the front of the room (yes, slide projectors… it was . . . → Read More: Do You Have Emotions, OR…