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About Dave

Dave employed his extensive background in marketing, research, and leadership to develop THE EXPANSIVE LEADERSHIP MODEL™. Dave uses this powerful tool to help you conquer your challenges and meet your strategic goals.

His past professional experiences include: becoming an award-winning salesperson for Siemens; publishing and directing academic research at the University of California/San Diego; and serving as Chief Administrative Officer of an Institute at UCLA.

For more than two decades, Dave has combined his practical experience and academic expertise to educate audiences and coach leaders. Dave stretches your thinking by sharing compelling anecdotes and engaging stories from a life in the trenches. Bring Dave in to hear how you can achieve your goals based on lessons Dave learned on his journey from sweeping factory floors in Connecticut to educating executives throughout the world.

He is the author of The Executive’s Paradox – How to Stretch When You’re Pulled by Opposing Demands, publisher of the interactive marketing CD-ROM, Strategy, and creator of THE EXPANSIVE LEADERSHIP MODEL™.

A partial list of Dave’s clients include: American Public Transit Association CEO’s Seminar, Boeing, Center for Creative Leadership, Federal Reserve Bank, John Hancock Insurance, Qualcomm, San Mateo County Transit District, Qualcomm, Wells Fargo Bank, Xerox, Zig Ziglar…

Call Dave in his Los Angeles office (310 397-6686) to discuss how he can help you use the latest evidence-based leadership tools to achieve bottom-line success.